Medical Corp offers you a wide range of disinfectants, designed for various purposes, as you will find detailed in the product page of each. Our products cater to all institutions where medical activities take place and beyond, in accordance with current laws: hospitals, medical practices, dental offices, clinics and polyclinics, sports facilities, changing rooms, spaces for food production and sale, beauty salons, piercing and tattoo studios.

When choosing a disinfectant, you should consider the spectrum of antimicrobial action you want to address: bactericidal, fungicidal, mycobactericidal, virucidal, and sporicidal. Depending on the intended use, you can easily select the product that best suits your needs.

In healthcare units, as well as in cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization activities, the following types of biocidal products are used:

  1. Type 1 (for human hygiene);
  2. Type 2 (for surfaces, instruments, and textiles);
  3. Type 4 (for hygiene in food distribution and preparation areas);
  4. Type 14 (for rodent control);
  5. Type 18 (for insect control);
  6. Type 22 (for embalming).

Legislative Framework:

Ministry of Health - Order no. 1761 of September 3, 2021, approving the Technical Standards for cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization in public and private healthcare units, evaluating the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection procedures carried out therein, recommended hand disinfection procedures based on risk level, as well as methods for assessing the sterilization process and its efficiency control. 

Ministry of Health - Order no. 854 of March 21, 2022, amending and supplementing Order of the Minister of Health no. 1761/2021. 

Ministry of Public Health - Order no. 1136 of June 27, 2007, approving Hygiene Standards for body beauty salons.

Disinfectant Mikrozid AF Liquid 1L
Mikrozid® AF Liquid disinfectant Rapid alcohol-based disinfectant for non-invasive medical device surfaces as well as other surfaces. Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and...