Medical Corp - Experience and Excellence in Medical Equipment and Devices

Medical Corp is a trusted importer and distributor specializing in medical equipment and devices, radiology and interventional surgery equipment, as well as medical consumables. With a remarkable presence in the market since 1998, we are one of the oldest suppliers of medical equipment and consumables in the country.

Our over two decades of experience have solidified our reputation as a reliable partner for medical needs. We take pride in offering an extensive portfolio, distributing over 30,800 products and maintaining a minimum stock of 1,200 items to ensure swift deliveries to our customers. We collaborate with prestigious companies from Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, England, Denmark, Turkey, China, and South Korea, bringing high-quality solutions to Romania.

Prompt responsiveness to customer requirements is a value we deeply cherish. Whether you are a state or private hospital, clinic, medical practice, or healthcare company, we stand by your side at every step. Our team of sales consultants, trained and specialized by manufacturers, provides technical support and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. We assure you that the purchased medical equipment is installed and supported by reliable post-warranty services.

Medical Corp prides itself on representing a wide range of high-quality companies in Romania. We are chosen as a trusted partner by hospitals, private clinics, medical practices, occupational health enterprises, self-help associations, and individuals. In 2010, we opened our own showroom in Sibiu, where our customers are served with kindness and respect.

Furthermore, our service department offers warranty and post-sales services for all types of medical devices, ensuring that you receive consistent support for the optimal operation of the equipment you purchase.

At Medical Corp, we emphasize our extensive experience in the medical field, our promptness in meeting customer needs, our wide range of products, and our excellent price-quality ratio. We are dedicated to contributing to the improvement of the healthcare system by providing reliable and efficient solutions.

Experience the expertise and quality of Medical Corp - Your trusted partner in medical equipment and devices.

Below is a selection of the main types of equipment we import and distribute:

  • Stationary and portable ultrasound systems, black and white and color Doppler, 4D, new and second-hand, printer paper, gel;
  • Air and bone conduction audiometers with standalone or computer-connected functionality, impedance meters;
  • Autoclaves with volumes ranging from 15 to 1000 liters and complete sterilization stations (instrument washing machines, bag sealing devices, distillers, packing tables);
  • Surgical aspirators for ambulances and operating rooms; aerosol machines;
  • UV bactericidal lamps;
  • Professional patient scales;
  • Rigid endoscopes;
  • Individual and hospital oxygen concentrators, capacity 3-10 l/min, oxygen cylinders, medical gas regulators, humidifiers;
  • Automated external defibrillators for public spaces, ambulances, ERs;
  • 3-12 channel electrocardiographs, standalone or computer-connected, 3-12 channel ECG holters, ambulatory blood pressure monitors, paper, cables, and ECG gel;
  • Complete equipment for emergency services, ERs, ambulance stations;
  • Electrocautery and radiocautery, mono and bipolar 50-400 W, smoke evacuators;
  • Medical paper: for ECG and laboratory use, disposable sheets, wipes;
  • Infusion pumps with 1-3 channels and infusion pumps;
  • Small medical devices manufactured by Heine: anoscopes, blood pressure monitors, otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, dermatoscopes, magnifiers, frontal illumination systems, laryngoscopes;
  • Small laboratory devices: glucometers, devices for measuring triglycerides, cholesterol, hemoglobin, rapid tests, test strips, lancets;
  • Patient monitors, central wireless monitoring stations, pulse oximeters, fetal monitors; Medical furniture: examination couches, gynecological tables, ICU beds, instrument tables, trolleys and stands for devices, ENT chairs, operating tables, surgical lights, cabinets, stretchers;
  • Anti-decubitus mattresses with compressors;
  • Portable spirometers with or without printers, mouthpieces;
  • Aneroid and electronic blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes.
  • Accessories: EKG cables, SPO2 cables, SPO2 sensors, oxygen sensors for anesthesia machines.
  • Medical consumables: anti-decubitus dressings, surface disinfectants, instrument and hand disinfectants, orthoses, medical probes.
  • Protective equipment: gowns, lab coats, pants, medical clogs, etc.